Venus enters Sagittarius

Leave me a lone.

These days I feel you are not my astrologer. May you are my enemy bc in 6 or 7years just let my enemy wear friend,s mask trick on me to kill my passion to play with my life. What do l see about love life , will l be with a special someone , what am l expecting this to happen? What will he look like? Will he make me happy?.

Please donot make me crazy in my birthday.

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I think you are wrong. How I can be relax. I am in tight situation. Yes I am stupid and basturd. And smelly. Dear astrologer I have exam on Sunday and I should study you know how many month I wait. I hate this system. Dear astrologer They stifled my passion and my mind. How I can go travel how to go restaurant how to shop how to visit Dr for curing and checking my health with air is it possible??? I am not my self I change even I am not laughing from my heart. I was living like this???? Enough leave me alone please. No way. Dear astrologer I need to make my own family group or team that we have common points.

Rgd P. I fed up from every thing. I need to have my life. Leave me alone please. Enough I am not cheap to accept any person in my life. Enough please you keep distance between me and my dearest now you want take my sweet heart from me. I am feeling sick. I fed up from this life. Just argue argue argue. You make me laugh with company before I had company now I have nothing before I had life company money life lover now you made me lonely and everynight any assistance hole is coming in my dream or somebody in wake walking on body.

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Ahmed Adams August 31st, Which enemies check from your end for how many years now have been given me advice but nothing of that had not happen who are you people why are joking with peoples life Like 0. Infact for me none of your suggestions has not come to pass why? Like 0. La'Rose June 3rd, Heather mitts July 18th, Pashmak August 15th, Mutant October 11th, My suggestion is to seek a psychologist and not a psychic Like 0.

12222 – Highlights and Focus Areas

Jessica February 5th, Andre C February 24th, Best wishes, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Like 0. Pashmak February 22nd, Just I am tired Like 0. Use them to fuel your hobbies, writing processes, passions, professions, and artistic paths of all kinds. The month of October begins with some important questions: Where are you allowing your identity as an artist to be repressed? Are you self-censoring your art, for fear of rejection, poor acceptance, or commercial failure?

How do you hope your work might transform the creative world? These questions may not apply to you across the board, but I encourage you to meditate on each of them to see if there is a nugget of truth waiting to be uncovered in any one of them. We begin October facing the shadows of the past. You might feel like old demons have come back to haunt you as past insecurities have a tendency to rise up right now. You may find yourself replaying old conversations with the doubters in your life. As we gear up for a new month, the skies are asking you to look at where you still carry the pain of past doubt.

The skies are also asking you to look at how you can channel the words of any naysayers into defiance, fuel for your voice, your message, your mission. Full moons are powerful times to release, let go, and close old chapters. In fiery Aries, this lunation opposes the Sun in people-pleasing Libra, allowing you to tap into the courage you need to break away from any fear that has become a creative block. Especially if that fear is sourced from avoidance of conflict or criticism. This Full Moon can help you let go of the need to be liked.

There will be strong pulls to create from deep, honest places in October — places that you might be even afraid to venture into. Act out your worst case scenario. Paint one of your nightmares. Create something for your own catharsis. Allow your art to help you release something that you no longer want to be controlled by. With an opposition to Uranus and squaring Pluto, this New Moon is in conversation with some major astrological changemakers.

Breakthroughs are highly likely at this time, but the inspiration that hits may put you out of your comfort zone a bit. Stay open to the unusual and allow yourself to experiment. Read on for your individual horoscope below. Want to know more about how astrology impacts your creative processes? I can help you better understand your relationship to time, imagination, inspiration, and more. Work with me here. You were born to be wild, Aries. So why are you acting so tame? October asks you to take a good long look where you need to harness your inner wilderness again.

Surrender is the name of the game this month, Taurus. There will be days when you get frustrated at yourself for not hitting your targets, or not producing something at the speed or level which you are holding yourself to right now. See that your creative process is in constant collaboration with the universe itself, and that you are both moving in tandem.


You may have started off wondering what you really want, or questioning who you really are. How have you grown? What have you learned about yourself? Where have there been painful realizations or humbling experiences? Where have you had to take a reality check on a friendship or work situation? This is a prime month to sign up for a memoir-writing workshop or spend some time doing something creative with no-strings-attached, like a collage as a visual journal, or a vision board, to represent all of the newfound aspects of yourself that you are now growing into.

Now is the time to speak up. Write a heartfelt blog post, put together that book proposal or freelance pitch, or consider giving a talk on a main stage somewhere in the coming months.

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Think of how your creative vision extends beyond the art you make and think of the kind of statement you want to lend your voice to. Last month the universe assigned you to choose one big goal to work towards by the end of Do you have it in your sights now? I hope so, Cancer, because October is going to test your level of commitment to your creativity. Let your creative dream become the anchor that everything else in your life revolves around this month.

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