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People born under your sign are reliable, loyal and good team players. Although it may take a while to get you going on the task in hand, once you are focused, you will follow your work through to the end in an organized manner. You need to be aware that you can be stubborn with a bit of a temper, though any outbursts are likely to be short and quickly forgotten. You can do extremely well in the business world but your artistic streak should not be ignored completely. Your love of beauty and creativity could take you into the world of fashion and your interest in all things culinary could lead you to consider opening a restaurant.

You can be notoriously strong-willed at times so it might be a good idea for colleagues to lay down the law at the outset so you can follow their lead. Your office is likely to be a comfortable and cosy retreat from the rest of the workplace, where you and your clients can feel welcome and at home. The fact you are extremely practical and grounded will ensure that you are the pillar and cohesive force behind any company. Ideal jobs: banker, artist, clothing designer, builder, advertising director.

You are in your element in a busy office, surrounded by people and bustle. Variety is the spice of life for you and with a restless and quick mind, you like to move quickly from one project to the next.

You will not stick to any job that is repetitive in nature. Communication skills are your greatest asset, so you would excel in any job where you act as a go-between. You are also excellent at making valuable contacts and will use any sort of social occasion as an opportunity to network. People interest you immensely, though sometimes you can be curious to a fault. Beware of letting your probing nature get you into trouble at work.

You thrive as an active team member and do not have a great desire to become a leader — you would rather provide valuable input than give out orders. This is probably because you do not cope well with stress and so top management jobs are not an attractive prospect. Your office is bound to be a treasure trove of faxes, phones and all sorts of electronic gizmos enabling you to stay in touch with important clients. Because of your subtle and low-key approach to work, many people wrongly assume that you are not ambitious.

In actual fact, you are one of the most diligent signs in the Zodiac and with a friendly, approachable nature, you are a joy to work with. When it comes to business dealings, you are extremely cautious — you like to protect yourself and those around you with a non-confrontational approach. Your love of family and your nurturing nature makes you ideal for a job in the caring professions. Any job you do has to be useful to society and allow you to come into contact with the public on a day-to-day basis. You would probably be happiest running your own small business, as this would give you a certain amount of autonomy and lots of contact with different people.

Your most valuable asset is probably your memory; you have the ability to absorb facts and figures with great ease. Combined with your love of history, a job at a museum would also be ideal.


Wherever you work, your office is sure to be homely with comfortable chairs and this will be your favourite place to have a business lunch. You are a proud, energetic and confident person to have in any company. People born under your sign are team leaders who are not afraid to take risks once in a while. You have a positive attitude to work that is infectious, for this reason, you are likely to be a role model for many of your colleagues. However, you must take care that you do not fall into a state of complacency otherwise everything you have worked for will be pulled out from under you.

Ideally, you prefer a prestigious job and cope well under stress and tight deadlines.

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Networking is one of your many loves and you are often found in all the right bars after work meeting people just as powerful and influential as you are. Frequent business trips to international destinations are just up your street and only business class tickets will do. With a work ethic to rival the Japanese, you Virgos are the worker bees of the zodiac.

President Richard Nixon had Saturn in his 10th House when he was forced to resign in shame.

The Fifth House: The House of Pleasure

During this Uranus transit you're likely to make radical changes in your career, so get ready for excitement, surprises and the unexpected. You're not interested in pursuing a conventional career path. This may be when you experience a new calling in your career. You suddenly have the courage to start an innovative new business that you think has limitless potential. You're ready to break away from any career that has become dull and routine so that you can pursue one that is fresh and exciting. This is when all those years of doing monotonous work catches up to you. You will no longer tolerate accepting orders from those in authority who you don't like or respect.

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Be prepared for a sudden crisis in your career that disrupts it and forces you make a more liberating change that will provide you new experiences. This can result in either possibility: "Take this job and shove it! This is a perfect time to take a career risk that may involve a job re-training program or advanced education in order to prepare for a new career. Now is when you may decide to leave the security of a job to start your own business. When people ask you how you had the courage to make a big career change, you'll say, "I didn't know it couldn't be done -- so I did it!

This Neptune transit is ideal if you've ever wanted to fulfill the dream of having a career where you can serve others. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your life's purpose and to find out what kind of work would give it meaning and value.

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Any career in social work, medical service, or service jobs such as flight attendant or waiter or joining the Peace Corps are favored during this transit. This is an excellent time to start a service business that will benefit society. Other effects of this transit may cause you to feel confused or disoriented about your career, your life's purpose and where you're headed. What's happening is that your orientation is changing from a desire for your own material success to "how can I be of service to others.

The Best Room Colors for Your Zodiac Sign

Be aware that under this influence you may encounter dishonesty and deception where someone you thought was friendly turns out to be deceiving you. You may also discover that people in positions of power and authority may withdraw their support for your advancement, for no apparent reason. Because Neptune's influence can bring misunderstandings in communication, trust your intuition.

If you notice any unusual interactions with people, confront them diplomatically about what has occurred. During this Pluto transit you'll be intensely concerned with your life's purpose. You'll be able to focus your will and use your personal power to achieve your ambition. You are drawn to a career where you can improve people's lives. Has this all got the better of you? Hopefully not. Will it improve pretty soon? Very probably. After all, logical Venus is making its way into one of the financial sections of your chart.

So if ever there were a time for you to make it clear that you are not allowing yourself to be wound up by anything or anybody else, it is now.


Keep reminding yourself that Venus can at times like this give you the wherewithal to remain grounded and self-assured, even when other people are trying to create bedlam. This is linked to Venus making a positive connection with Uranus. Latest Articles. Weekly love horoscope by Sarah Bartlett.

People walk into our lives by chance, and then sometimes out again. It may be by choice, or circumstances….