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Thank goodness for Neptune, for without his care, Saturn and Pluto together can put up quite a united front of force, but Neptune will soften this aspect. Last year, Saturn, the planet that stabilizes all it touches, worked closely with unpredictable Uranus, adding encouragement and backing for new scientific discoveries and technical, digital innovation. This year, Saturn will work with Neptune to help the arts flourish and add stability to them.

One of the other biggest and most important features of will be the entry of Uranus in Taurus for the first time since to Taurus is a sign associated with money and wealth. Uranus will remain in that sign for seven years, starting March 6, , until April 25, During this time, Uranus, planet of innovation that strikes like lightning, will bring new ways of globally dealing with all sorts of money.

Bitcoin and encryption are only part of the story—Uranus rules sudden, unexpected developments and also electronic, scientific discoveries of all kinds. We will have to wait to see what comes. Good-fortune planet Jupiter will be in the sign he loves and rules—Sagittarius. This means you will absorb the goodness of Jupiter in a natural way, easily, and that he will have a strong presence in your chart. Jupiter in fire-sign Sagittarius will be especially helpful if you are a Sagittarian, Aries, or Leo, or air-sign Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Yet all signs will benefit—I am splitting hairs here.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter will help the publishing and broadcasting industries and the entire international travel market as well, including airlines, cruise lines, and railroads. Often energy will ping across the skies in a straight line to signs degrees apart, for example, from Sagittarius to Gemini, the reason I say automotive may prosper.

Pisces August 2019 Astrology Horoscope Forecast

This will give a turn of outstanding golden luck to the earth signs, especially to Capricorn, but also to Virgo and Taurus, as well as to the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces earth and water signs go together well. Capricorns have been particularly pressured, but their situation will move from dark and working too much to bright and happy once Jupiter comes knocking.

For detailed information for your Sun sign and also your rising sign read for both , you may want the digital or paperback version of my book, The Year Ahead by Susan Miller for Kindle , now available on all international Amazon sites in your native country. Our theme is Women of the World, depicting women from many ethnicities. Click here for more information.

Astrologer Susan Miller on the Two Days in August That Will Be Game-Changers

Hello readers! I have written an essay for you, below, as an introduction to Happy New Year dear readers! All best wishes, Susan Continue Reading. New Articles from Susan. More from Astrology Zone. Sign Up Now. News You Can Use. Go antiquing.

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Being around these old objects will be incredibly rejuvenating for you. So do something that honors these parts of yourself, whether that means planning something you look forward to or diving into a good book that stimulates your intellect. In order to relax and find balance, Pisces need to create. Empty comment. You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again. Sorry, comments are currently closed. You are posting comments too quickly.

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Weekly Horoscope for Pisces by Deborah Browning:

Thanks for signing up! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Leave A Comment Uh-oh! Use your Parade. I suggested she check out the only published horoscopes I swear by -- in Elle magazine.

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They have proved, in my experience, uncannily accurate. The next day I received an e-mail from Susan Miller , the famous astrologist who writes the horoscopes for Elle! Miller invited me to cover her event, ," an all-day program raising money for the Red Cross efforts in Haiti. Susan contacted me after running into a mutual friend at a coffee shop who suggested I might want to attend.

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The very next morning, I cleared my schedule and I was there, sitting front row with editors and marketers of Elle, there to support their colleague and hang on Susan's every cheery word. It's impossible to convey in print just how upbeat she is. Two years ago, astrologists saw that we were moving into a new money system, she says, when Pluto went into Capricorn.

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The last time this happened, the English created the Stamp Act -- raising taxes on the American colonies, which lead to the Revolutionary War. Now we're going through another monetary shake-up, but things won't be easier until October